VTwin Editorial Portfolio

I am an incredibly lucky person – my personal passion has, at one time or another, been my  work. I’d always taken pictures of bikes and written road trip and riding stories for the general amusement of my friends and acquaintances. It was only when i began working in the motorcycle magazine publishing business, that I got to do some things that I just hadn’t pursued in my  agency career, namely being equal parts creative  and being wholly responsible for the quality of my brands content.

I have to admit, it was a pretty good gig and it was alot of fun to be so close to subject matter I cared about.  It sure didn’t pay well, but most people (barring a select few) aren’t involved in Publishing to hit big dollar home runs, these folks are in it to subsidize being close to a passion.

The path by which I came to be involved in the V-Twin industry is a good example of  “you just never know where things come from” in action.

The town I live in was a small town 20+ years ago when i first moved here. If you rode a bike, you stood out. My bike (the same FXR i have today) caught the attention of Buzz Kanter, Publisher & Owner of American Iron Magazine who has his offices in the same town . Buzz stopped me on the street one day in 1992 and asked  if I’d like to have my machine featured in one of his magazines. I said (of course) yes, and so began our friendship. A photographer arranged to shoot the machine and a writer called, and like magic 4 months later my bike appeared in print and was famous! It was a thrill, actually it’s still a thrill looking at that editorial piece. I was hooked.

Years passed, and from time to time I’d see Buzz, he was polite and asked about me, my bike and my businesses. After the post-9/11 sale of my company’s I ran into Buzz and he asked what I was doing. I didnt have a clear agenda moving forward and so shared that I wasn’t sure and was beginning to look for a job, a project…something to get me rolling. Well, that conversation, running into Buzz at the Wedge Inn, in front of Dairy Queen that day, changed my life for the better.

Not too much longer after that chance meeting on the street, I accepted a position with American Iron Magazine, one that Buzz had created for me within his company – and I had my start in the world of V-Twin journalism.

Thanks Buzz.