New Business Development: Whose Responsibility?

DSCF1031As hard as it may be to believe, and contrary to many of the Job Descriptions that you’ll find, New Business Development (in a Marketing Services Company), is the responsibility of the Senior team.

But we ignore it.

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New Business Development: Basic Behaviors for #Success.


Nicole showing #Success behavior…

Success in New Business is not hard to achieve, it simply takes time, talent, experience, stick-to-it-tiveness and a budget – as well as the adoption of some Behaviors.

Marketing services companies (Agencies, Design & Branding Firms, Analytics Shops, Content Developers, Media Co’s, etc) in the New Normal, might consider adopting these basic #Success behaviors.

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New Business Development: Culling Digital Media Walkers from Talkers

In this case, experience does not matter...

In this case, experience does not matter…

Introduction: Determining who has the experience and understanding necessary, to lead New Business Development in a Digital Marketing / Agency or Client company context can be a tough thing to get right.

To make identifying those who’ve got the commitment and understanding that are necessary to do the job, I offer a suggestion on how to make the first cut. I suggest you cull those that “do”, the Digital Media Walkers, from those that “don’t”, the Digital Media Talkers. My lens for this article is for the most part, focused on an individual’s personal relationship with Digital Media, past their job.

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The Magical Rolodex, the Hunter and the Nuge.

making magic

making magic

Synopsis: in about 1000 words, I address the notion of the “Magic Rolodex”, New Business Hunter, and their relevance in the New Normal. I even squeak a Ted Nugent reference in, for good measure.

Hunters and Prey…
Not all that long ago (1980’s – 1996), it was possible for a New Business person to generate, billable work by beating the bushes and hammering away at their contacts. Today, I cringe when I hear the word “Hunter”, but the word Hunter, is one that is still oft used, when describing New Business talent. “He’s a great Hunter”…bringing it home…” Oh yeah.

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