New Business Development: Basic Behaviors for #Success.


Nicole showing #Success behavior…

Success in New Business is not hard to achieve, it simply takes time, talent, experience, stick-to-it-tiveness and a budget – as well as the adoption of some Behaviors.

Marketing services companies (Agencies, Design & Branding Firms, Analytics Shops, Content Developers, Media Co’s, etc) in the New Normal, might consider adopting these basic #Success behaviors.

Although one of these items will make a difference, when all are put in play simultaneously, in a strategic and thoughtful manner, they become an engine for success, affecting: revenue, talent, reputation, desirability.

  1. Make your Agency site sing! If it does you’ll #Succeed.
  2. Do your homework, focus, and prepare for success with each and every Prospect. If you do, you’ll #Succeed.
  3. Do a good job in clearly defining your expertise, and broadcasting that message in the appropriate and most relevant channels. If you do, you’ll #Succeed.
  4. Treat each opportunity to engage a qualified prospect preciously. If you do you’ll #Succeed.
  5. Invest consistently in your reputation and persona. If you do you’ll #Succeed.
  6. Treat New Business as an ongoing, mission critical, full-time effort, not a periodic hassle. If you do you’ll #Succeed.
  7. Create a marketing budget for your Agency: time, materials, staff. If you do you’ll #Succeed.
  8. Put strong leadership in place, clearly define New Business’s role and its responsibilities. If you do you’ll #Succeed