What is this site about?

This site serves as a portfolio, and as is true with most portfolios, it is waaaay behind in publishing my prodigious output! I cant keep up, its ridiculous to even try.

Not surprisingly to those who know me personally, a number of personal interests compliment my “new business” business life, and in a decidedly “non-renaissance age”,  I have been described as somewhat of a renaissance man (no smirking please..c’mon!)  This observation made by a friend, is probably due to my mashup of interests: imagery-driven marketing and messaging, content strategy and development, and  storytelling, in a marketing and sales context .

A deep love and a boat load of new business (the nexus of sales and marketing) experience in digital media, branding, publishing, editorial and content development powers me. I like being creative when given the opportunity, and actually look at new business,  as a creative endeavor.

In welcome contrast, to a life focused on the business of agency new business, I am a leather craftsperson, a photographer and a  Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

I am always interested in hearing about new opportunities, so please, let me know what brought you here.
Email me >  stephenberner(@)me.com




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Life is a Journey


Our country is beautiful.

The journey begins when you leave the comforts of home behind

When you have the time to do as you please; with no firm agenda other than a return date

When your batteries are charged, your memory card empty and your tank full – you can begin collecting experiences anew

A blessing not many can count – be thankful you have this wanderlust in your genes

And have a country vast enough to satisfy

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Kirk Taylor’s “Sacred”, a tribute to Johnny Chop

Sacred - by Kirk Taylor, Custom Design Studios

Sacred - by Kirk Taylor, Custom Design Studios

It was a rainy, kind of crappy cold day in March in California when I finally got to get a close look at a bike that I’d seen before, but not gotten up tight and personal with. I’d spied the beginning of the machine taking shape, a frame and a few tin parts, while visiting Custom Design Studio in Novato California some many moons ago and It was pretty cool to be able take a look at the bike in its fully finished state – no longer a fresh, out of the box bauble.

So during a busy weekend at the Custom Chrome Dealer Show in Santa Clara, Kirk and I rolled this machine out onto the loading dock behind the venue, gave it a final wipe and there ya have it, Sacred, a bike built by Kirk Taylor at Custom Design Studios – in tribute to our mutual, departed friend Johnny Chop. Plain and simple.

to buy the book, click on this link please….

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Abandoned America_4: Where We Worked: Nova Dye

Abandoned America_4: Nova Dye

Abandoned America_4: Nova Dye

This long shuttered fabric treatment and dying facility is typical of many East Coast industrial complexes that were built to serve a number of wars and a growing America.  It’s a patchwork of buildings, areas, processes, catwalks and huge machinery, such as walk-in Autoclaves . You have fabric treatment next to fabric dying, next to fabric drying – giant machines, many of them with open flames, pits of solvents and bolts of fabric all butted up against one another – a sure recipe for disaster under any circumstance and if all of the signage in the plant is any indication – fires were a regular occurrence.

to see more of Nova Dye & to purchase the book, available in Hardcover (looks great) and Softcover (a shock just how good this looks!) go to BLURB

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Abandoned America_3: Where We Worked: Ansonia Wire

Another look at what is happening to America’s industrial resources.


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Stephen Berner presents Eastern Fabrications

A new book on E-Fab is available on Blurb. See some of Lock Baker’s great machines, up close and personal.


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Stephen Berner presents TPJ Customs

45dgree is proud to present TPJ Customs of Lodi California.

TPJ specializes in designing in and building unique, highly refined V-Twin customs, some of the leanest, cleanest around.
We dare you to find an ounce of fat in a TPJ machine!  Take a look and see if you don’t agree!


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Stephen Berner presents Kraus Motor Company

45dgree has published it’s first book on motorcycles – and Kraus Motor Company is the company I’ve decided to roll out with first.

Please take a look at this book, it is the first in what will be a ongoing series featuring the best the V-Twin industry has to offer.



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Abandoned America_2: Where We Worked: The Powerhouse

Abandoned America_2 is out and it is sure to strike joy into the hearts of those who enjoy abandonment & dereliction.

You can get it here on Blurb and as with all of the Abandoned America Series, I wil only print 100 of them and then – they are gone!

I will be happy to sign your edition at no charge and will arrange that with you through email, post purchase.

Thanks for the support folks!


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Abandoned America_1: Where We Worked: State Psych Hospital

I have compiled my first images from my Psych Hospital visits (ha!) into a Blurb offering.

Abandoned America_1
Where We Worked: State Psychiatric Hospital

Bless the internet and it’s myriad of creative support service Companies like Blurb that allow artists to self publish.
i hope you enjoy this first, limited edition picture book.


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